#3 Mick Mulvaney

joverman@fortmilltimes.comJanuary 6, 2011 

— In 2010, Mick Mulvaney became the first Republican to be elected to the District 5 Congressional seat in more than a century.

Congressman-elect Mulvaney, an Indian Land resident, ran against 28-year incumbent John Spratt (D-York), defeating him with 54 percent of the vote.

Mulvaney previously served two years in the S.C. House of Representatives before a successful run for the S.C. Senate in 2008. He ran for Spratt’s seat, he said, because he said Spratt “voted for the Wall Street bailouts, for the government takeover of GM and Chrysler, for Cap-and-Trade, and he supports the government run health care plan…”

During the campaign, Mulvaney frequently brought up his concerns about the federal health care bill as well as concerns that Spratt was becoming increasingly more liberal in his voting record and less representative of the district.

Spratt focused his campaign primarily on assailing Mulvaney’s involvement in the Indian Land development Edenmoor. He criticized Mulvaney for failing to see the development through, though Mulvaney defended himself by saying that although he had owned the property, he sold it to another developer before the environmental and financial problems with the property began.

The hits to Mulvaney’s credibility weren’t enough to keep Spratt in his seat, and Mulvaney will be traveling to Washington, D.C., to take office on Jan. 3.

He has already been assigned to the House Budget Committee and the House Committee on Small Business. He plans to commute to Washington and continue to call Indian Land home.

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