Fort Mill Moose rally for their own

jmarks@fortmilltimes.comNovember 7, 2012 

— After several decades, Buster Moore is plenty accustomed to a good time for a better cause. The Fort Mill Moose just never saw himself being that cause.

“I never thought I’d be on this end,” Moore said from his own benefit Saturday at the Fort Mill Moose Lodge.

Members and guests threw horseshoes, shot pool and pulled enough pork to feed a small village in honor of the long-time member whose recent medical problems are tightening the wallet.

“Buster had been a member here at the Moose for, I don’t know, 20 or 30 years,” said Jill O’Leary, officer with the group. “Since it’s opened he’s always done wonderful things. He’s also a veteran. Anything we can do.”

Moose most often raise funds for children in Chicago and seniors in Florida, among other projects. Regularly they hear about someone local in need, and help how they can there, too. But they don’t miss a chance to lift up one of their own.

It’s something Moore has helped with many times over the years. And why, though he’s not thrilled about needing the boost himself, he wasn’t surprised with the all-afternoon event Saturday.

“That’s what a Moose does,” Moore said.

Moore suffered two strokes and had circulation problems in his legs to where it once looked like he might lose at least one. He couldn’t continue his job as a security guard, but had an interim with medical bills mounting and benefits waiting.

“He has a six-month window here where he’s not getting any income, so we’re trying to supplement, to help him out,” said Moose Scott O’Leary.

Already members are planning a poker run for veterans and other events, and just last month the lodge saw Fort Mill named the friendliest town in a several-state region at a Myrtle Beach Moose convention. Guests on Saturday showed up from other lodges, like one in Greenville.

Nick Welch said that, like Moore, none of the local members expect that they’d be the cause rather than the concerned. But since it happens, they’re there. All for a show of support among brothers and sisters.

“In the next 10 years will they be doing this for me?” Welch asked. “I don’t know. I would hope my brothers would.”

And, to be honest, for bragging rights in the sand pit and pool hall.

“Right now we’re having fun and we’re all family,” Welch said, “and we stick together.”

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