Flint Hill Fire Dept. rolls out new truck

jmarks@comporium.netNovember 19, 2012 

— The Flint Hill Fire Department pulled a 1986 model truck out of the bay and replaced it with a 2012 version in a move Chief David Jennings hopes will set up another 30 years of fire service.

A special event was held for the new truck Nov. 11. The prior version had one bench seat. The new truck has seating for six –compared to four in the old one – and space for hydraulic extraction equipment.

“It’s got more room,” Jennings said. “It’ll be able to carry more equipment. Our paid crew will be responding in this truck, and it’ll have most of the equipment they’ll need to get started on a call.”

The $346,000 truck carries 1,000 gallons of water. Once connected to a hydrant, it can pump 1,500 gallons per minute.

“It’s got plenty of hose on it,” Jennings said.

The department last got a new truck in 2000. Currently there are eight within the department, which has eight full-time and 12 part-time firefighters, and 35 volunteers.

“We’re going to get plenty of use out of it,” Jennings said.

Jessica Britton contributed

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