Former S.C. statehouse candidate is No. 10 on the Fort Mill 11 list

January 1, 2013 

— It started as a crusade for child custody reform and ended with a run for public office.

Technically, Jeremy Walters’ record in the public arena was 1-1 in 2012, but of you consider how close he came to winning a long shot bid for the S.C. Statehouse, it would be fair to add one draw to his total.

“Change is coming in the South Carolina family court,” Walters said on the eve of the shared parenting bill he advocated becoming law. “I can’t believe it.”

Later in the year, Walters, running as a Libertarian, became the only party candidate pursuing the newly created House District 26 seat after Republican Raye Felder was deemed ineligible and removed from the ballot. In a statewide paperwork snafu, the S.C. Supreme Court found that Felder and more than 200 other candidates didn’t file their paperwork properly.

Felder later had her name added to November’s ballot as a petition candidate.

In a race pitting first-time candidates, Felder defeated Walters 5,097 to 4,576. This was despite Felder spending more than 10 times Walters’ reported $3,000 in campaign funds and having the support of the power York County Republican organization.

A carpenter by trade, Walter said he enjoyed learning to campaign on the fly and that he will strongly consider another run at public office.

Michael Harrison

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