Hudspeth sent off with kind words

jmarks@fortmilltimes.comFebruary 5, 2013 

  • Did you know? David Hudspeth arrived in 1997. Since, Fort Mill has doubled in size and population. The number of town employees has doubled to 120 full-time, plus numerous part-time positions. Additions of note include Veteran’s, Millstone and Doby’s Bridge parks along with the South Carolina Strawberry Festival. Renovations to Steele and Harris Street parks also count among Hudspeth’s highlights.

— David Hudspeth retired Feb. 1 after 15 years as town manager in Fort Mill. The town honored him last Wednesday with a drop-in, sharing stories of his early years and challenges. Some thanked Hudspeth for hiring them. Others talked about the even keel he kept during both exciting and challenging times, and how well that trait served the town.

Still others talked of how town manager was second in career choices, a fallback for when “football player” didn’t work out.

Here’s what some of the folks who know Hudspeth best had to say:

•  “Fifteen years have passed and now it’s time for David to enjoy the next chapter in his life. We’d like to thank him for his continuous hard work over the years, his loyalty to the town and the professional working relationship we’ve had. He’ll be greatly missed and we wish him continued success as he moves on to the next challenges in his career.”

– Mayor Danny Funderburk

•  “In the 15 years he’s been here not only have we experienced growth in the town’s footprint, but also growth in professionalism and the number of employees in the day-to-day operations. We’re going to miss his leadership and his involvement.”

– Raye Felder, state representative and Fort Mill businesswoman

•  “It’s going to be over 30 years, and he did a great job in that negotiation. He’s been a great boss to work with. I enjoyed his time, and just wish it could go on longer.”

– Paul Mitchell, town engineering director, citing a recent water service contract between Fort Mill and Rock Hill among Hudspeth’s finer accomplishments

•  “David has set the bar high since coming to Fort Mill and his accomplishments in municipal government speak for themselves. He has been a part of the growth and transition for the Town of Fort Mill and his vision as the town manager has stepped up many different aspects of how to deliver basic services to the citizens of this town. It has been a pleasure for me to work for him the last nine years as the head of the Parks & Recreation Department. I wish him well in his future endeavors.”

– Brown Simpson, parks and recreation director

•  “He’s meant a lot to the town. He’s been a good town manager, very dedicated to the area. I was here when we hired him, and it was a great thing that we did.”

– Charlie Powers, town mayor when Hudspeth arrived

•  “When David first came to Fort Mill, the city was in the early stages of its current growth phase. When he got here, he basically was the Planning Department. Here we are now, 15 years later, and our population has essentially doubled to nearly 12,000 residents. Even with the current downturn, Fort Mill is still one of the fastest growing areas in the state. David has played a major role in guiding the growth and development of the town, and we will certainly miss his vision and leadership.”

– Joe Cronin, assistant town manager and planning director

• “A lot of people had a lot of nice things to say, and I’m really proud of him. He’s been a good son all his life.” – Grace Pruette, Hudspeth’s mother

•  “When I came here, I had an appreciation for how nice a place Fort Mill is. I wasn’t sure how much the rest of the state really realized the potential of Fort Mill. We’ve put a lot of effort into realizing that potential.”

– Hudspeth

He also had this to say on his last day on the job:

“We get complaints. You get those. But we’ve had a lot of good things, too.”

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