This Week in History

March 19, 2013 


• A four-inch snowfall, part of the storm of the century, blanketed Fort Mill Township.

• Raye Felder, a senior account agent of the Allstate Insurance Agency in Fort Mill, was named Fort Mill Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year.

• A 9,600 square-foot addition was planned for the Leroy Springs Recreation Complex. It would be used for preschool, afterschool and fitness programs.

• Fort Mill native Mitch Lowder, head basketball coach at North Central High School in Kershaw County, was named Coach of the Year in Region 3A.


• The top three improvements Fort Mill citizens wanted were a leash law and enforcement of same, paved and lighted parking lots, and removal of parking meters and possibly eliminating parking on Main Street.

• Eli Bailes Post 43 celebrated its 54th birthday with a dinner at the post auditorium.

• Fort Mill police were called to Close Street after several reports of a nude man roaming the neighborhood. The man was not found.

• The Indian Lands Warriors, coached by Tommy Gaither, were defeated in the State 1A basketball championship game, 65-63 by the Holly Hill Bantams.


• The rifle team of Fort Mill’s National Guard Co. B had to settle for second place in the State marksmanship championship match. The local boys were defending state champions.

• Lewis Pressley, Fort Mill soldier of the Paradise section, returned from 18 months of duty in Korea and was discharged at Fort Jackson.


• The Southern Railway was running excursions trips from Fort Mill to Charleston and visits to Magnolia and Middleton Gardens. Round trip fare was $2.75.

• F.M. Mack, superintendent of the Fort Mill public schools, attended the annual meeting of the State Teachers Association at Spartanburg. Between 4,000 and 5,000 teachers were in attendance.


• T.A. Mills, rural carrier on Route No.1, was the winner of a baby pig at the moving picture theatre.

• Alex E. Young returned to Fort Mill from Atlanta and accepted his former position with the Massey Drug Store.

Compiled by Chip Heemsoth, a lifelong resident of Fort Mill.

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