Age not a factor in ministry

March 19, 2013 

Often times when it comes to serving God, one of the questions that people ask is “How old do you have to be?” or “How old is too old to serve God?”

This question is also asked within the confines of a person’s heart when the Lord is prompting them into His service. Believing that the Bible has all the answers pertinent for a victorious Christian life, I have found two examples of people who fit the description of both young and old.

One is Moses, whom we know to be the leader of Israel during a trying time in her past. Fleeing the scene of a homicide as a 40-year-old man, he becomes a tender of sheep. At the ripe old age of 80, God calls him into ministry and for the next 40 years he leads God’s chosen people. At an age where most would consider slowing down, Moses put the pedal to the metal.

When it comes to the younger side, it is hard to overlook the life of John the Baptist. He began to turn the hearts of Israel to God when he was 8 days old. After his father was struck speechless, the time was given when he would regain his speech back. It would be in the day that the prophecy was fulfilled concerning the ministry of John. When John was brought to the Temple and his name announced, his father’s tongue loosed. It was that day when people marveled at what sort of child this was and how God would use him.

Knowing what we do about God and how He uses all kinds of people, let us never assume that because of a person’s age they are unqualified to work in ministry.

Jerry Boyce is the Youth Pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Fort Mill.

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