Goodnight and good luck

March 21, 2013 

For the past three years I have had the pleasure of writing columns for the Fort Mill Times about my experience in our area as a west coast transplant. I want to thank my editor, Michael Harrison, for giving me this opportunity and you, the readers, for reading my column.

Moving from Seattle to Fort Mill was a huge change for my family and me, but I am happy to say that Fort Mill is now our home. We have begun to really enjoy the new amenities in our area. The walking paths of the Anne Springs Close Greenway, the family-friendly neighborhoods where people really do help you out when you need it, and the wonderful school system are just a few reasons we do not have any plans to move in the immediate future.

Oh, and the weather! I cannot believe that was not on my list! The weather here cannot be beat in comparison to Seattle.

Seattle will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will visit once or twice a year to enjoy the fresh air and amazing views. Not to mention the friends who had become a part of our family that we made out there. If you have never visited the Pacific Northwest, I urge you to put it on your vacation schedule. The best time to go is after the Fourth of July and before the end of August. The air is warm, but humid free, there are no bugs, and you can see for miles thanks to the clear blue skies.

See Mount Rainier for the first time with your own eyes and you will be forever changed.

While you’re making travel plans for the PNW, I will be making plans to visit the mountains, beaches, and lakes of our surrounding area. Trips with new friends and neighbors are in the works as is enjoying the sunshine and warm weather that will be starting soon. I look forward to many years of making memories with my children and friends as we grow in Fort Mill.

Beth writes from her home in between diaper changes and snack requests. She lives with her husband and four small children. Read more of her writing at

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