Life is a stream of gifts

Guest CommentaryMarch 22, 2013 

This Side Up

Life is a stream of gifts. Some just appear without ribbons and bows. Others need to be unwrapped. Still others take a little while to notice.

We purchased an outside storage building and scheduled it to be delivered the next day. While One Call Towing and Transport was on their way to our house, however, we had a torrential downpour. So when the deliver man arrived, he could not deliver the building to our backyard. It was too muddy.

As we stood there deciding what to do, owner Troy Kramp told us the only solution is to put it in your driveway, and I will be back to put it in your backyard. After much persuasion, we agreed.

He got his check and said he would be back as soon as it dried enough move it to the back. I was very skeptical. One week went by and it snowed; the second week was another rainy week. Oh, my!

Ray said the time changes on Saturday. My reply to him is that it won’t make a difference because I can’t see out my kitchen window because of the building.

On Monday of this week, there appeared the knight in shining armor driving up on his tow truck. He placed the building right in our backyard where it belonged. After three weeks and a very busy schedule, he came back and did the job he had promised.

Integrity is alive and well. There are people who still do what they promise to do because that is the ethical thing to do. So look ahead with optimism no matter what the situation.

On another note, the Fort Mill Care Center must move by July. They need a 7,000-square-foot building, close to the center of town. Call Carol Higgins at 548-3816 or the Care Center at 547-7620.

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