Scott Cost too cynical

March 26, 2013 

Scott Cost too cynical

What a sad, sad, cynical opinion to come out of columnist Scott Cost.

I guess he would have Jim Bakker tagged with his past for the rest of his life, even though his book is entitled “I Was Wrong” and he has paid dearly for his past mistakes. He lost everything.

I would have you remember that many, many good things came out of Heritage, USA, and people’s lives were touched and changed and saved. People loved to come to visit this property from all over the USA. Jim Bakker brought together leaders from across the Church spectrum and created unity. But, the problem is that once a man has made up his mind that the issue is the love of money – that is all he can see and it taints everything.

As long as this attitude is infecting the region, completing the Tower will be (and has been) an uphill battle.

I believe in forgiveness and letting go of the past. I believe in redemption and making all things new!

Try it, Scott! I recommend it!!

Val Storey

Fort Mill

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