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April 2, 2013 

Americans say spring cleaning is an annual ritual. In fact, 62 percent of us say that, according to a research study.

For the third straight year the Indian Land Action Council, together with South Carolina Palmetto Pride, are joining forces for the “Great American Cleanup” on April 6. We have a lot of subdivisions and churches participating but we always have additional supplies for those who want to join us. You can be an individual who just wants to clean up their street.

Supplies are furnished at no cost and can be picked up by emailing Jan Tacy, who is in charge of the clean up, at

Litter is a breeding ground for disease, insects, and rodents. Its ugliness damages the appearance of scenic environments. According to the World Animal Foundation website “open containers such as paper cups, lids and beverage cans can hold rainwater, providing breeding locations for mosquitoes which have been know to spread disease such as West Nile virus and malaria. Cigarette butts and filters are a threat to wildlife and have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds and even whales who have mistaken them for food.”

Please dispose of your litter properly and teach your children to do the same. It helps us all.

On another note: A few tips for Spring Cleaning at home. First change water filters and the HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner. In the bathroom get rid of all the old medicine cluttering up your cabinet.

Flip the cushions in the living room and the mattress in the bedroom and run a lint brush over the comforter to get rid of dust and freshen it up.

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