Put an end to bullying in Fort Mill schools

April 2, 2013 

End bullying in Fort Mill

Being a student here in the Fort Mill school district I am sorely disappointed with what has become "acceptable" in schools.

I know for a fact that in our great state of South Carolina, bullying is illegal. Sadly some teachers don’t know how to deal with this epidemic, and many times this law goes unenforced. I am a first-hand victim of this problem which is happening in our schools because of my ancestry and sexual orientation.

Only twice have I seen a teacher call someone out for making racial slurs or anti-gay comments, and since the racist comment this teacher was actually the victim of the racial slur, it was natural for her to respond with a quick office referral!

I believe we need to plan an ordinance in this city that will help attract or create programs that will help teach tolerance and equality in schools. Our primary concern should be the mental, physical, and emotional safety of our town’s youth.

Editor’s note: The student’s name was withheld on request. If is the Fort Mill Times’ policy to allow letter writers to remain anonymous only if they have a reasonable fear of being harmed because the letter was published.

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