Regent Park access points insufficient

April 4, 2013 

Regent Park traffic patterns are of concern

I read the article "Castle Still Standing" in this week’s FMT. I see that Earl Coulson’s adding another 100 doors to Regent Park.

Living in Regent Park, I’ve been wondering what, if anything, the residential developers are having to "pony up" with regards to streets and traffic. There’s been a significant increase in the volume of traffic since the opening of Regent Parkway to Harrisburg Road and with the unlocking of the gate between Bennett Road and Heritage Parkway (which coincided with the building of Mr. Coulson’s subdivisions on York Southern Road). Even with the 25 MPH speed limit, it’s often risky trying to get onto Regent Parkway during peak hours. And speaking of risky, it’s a white-knuckle experience getting from Regent Parkway onto Harrisburg Road during peak hours, as well.

I was hopeful when I saw the heavy equipment move in next to the RP Golf Club’s parking lot a few weeks ago. I thought Regent Parkway was finally being connected directly to Pikeview, but that was not the case. A roadway has been constructed, but it appears to be a temporary one.

There ARE several access points into Regent Park these days. However, it seems like more needs to be done to adequately handle the increased volume of traffic.

Jane Anglin

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