Study Buddies share tales of W.W. II with Orchard park students

April 9, 2013 

— Special to the Fort Mill Times

The fifth grade classes of Kim Price and Elizabeth Eppes from Orchard Park Elementary School have once again interviewed residents at the one and only Westminster Towers in Rock Hill as part of the Study Buddies program. This time, the buddies and students were talking about World War II and the atomic bomb.

The buddies had very interesting stories, facts and opinions about World War II. Mr. Hornsby, one of the buddies, told us how he felt about the atomic bomb. He said he didn’t know how to feel about the atomic bomb, but he was just glad the war would be over after the U.S. dropped the bomb on Japan.

Another topic was the rationing coupons. He spent them on groceries and other important things he needed in his everyday life. He worked at the grocery store so he saw them almost every day.

Next, we talked about how he was in World War II. He was on a ship that was 5,000 feet tall! When he was in the war, little Filipino children went to the soldiers and sang “You are My Sunshine.” Mr. Hornsby felt great that the little children went to sing to them.

The soldiers had little packages of food and most of the time the food was horrible. He met many soldiers and even met up with them after the war was over.

Over all, Mr. Hornsby is really fun to get to know and has a lot of extraordinary stories to tell about history.

Demery Armeni and Ian Rimmer are students in Kim Price’s fifth grade class at Orchard Park Elementary School. All during the students, local students write about their Study Buddy experiences for the Fort Mill Times.

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