Why does BOA Stadium need a taxpayer-funded upgrade?

April 9, 2013 

Taxpayers shouldn’t pay for BOA upgrades

I am disillusioned.

I recall taxpayer money was used to help build Bank of American Stadium. With obviously so much money being made, why have the citizens who contributed tax money but cannot afford to attend a game or not enjoy the sport pay the piper with more taxes to upgrade that stadium?

As well, the Panthers made $2,000,000 in profit in the last two years! Are they considered a NON PROFIT?!

I was just there in November 2012. All the toilets flushed just fine. No paint was peeling. Food and beverage was in ample supply.

It would be interesting to know how much money is made just off the sale of souvenirs and parking. Has any body looked at the PSL statement line item by line item?

Not to mention, there’s now a new tax paid for a new baseball park in Charlotte. Meanwhile, the school budgets there continue to be cut while N.C. teacher wages rank 46th in the country.

Who truly benefits?

Jim Harper

Tega Cay

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