The time is overdue to time to think of the patients first

April 18, 2013 

Let's think about the patients

I am shocked and dismayed to read two stories in the Fort Mill Times concerning health care, or should I say lack of? I live in Tega Cay and see Piedmont EMT parking in various locations waiting to pounce on an accident before the volunteer EMT can get there because “law” is undecided who has precedent to serve the community best for profit over not for profit, or should I say patient over customer.

Then I read the article about the appeal from healthcare provider Piedmont to build a much-needed hospital in the area “to serve the community” that has dragged on since 2006. How very interesting the front page story was how the EMT (whoever got there first, which I find ironic that the lawyers are now taking a back seat in the ambulance and letting the ambulance do the chasing)! How well they reacted and saved someone’s life, which by the way is awesome.

May I suggest judges stop the nonsense and satisfy the needs of patients not customers and get the blooming thing built? Sarcasm alert: ask the people at Publix and QT who they used to “Git Er Done.”

Trevor Ford

Tega Cay

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