Second graders speak out about bullying

April 23, 2013 

Students speak out against bullying

We are second-graders at Pleasant Knoll Elementary School, and we want to tell others how to stop bullying.

We believe that bullying is wrong!

Our first reason is that bullying can hurt others. It can physically hurt others when bullies break bones, hit, punch, kick and fight. But it can also mentally hurt others when bullies put down people with their words.

We feel that bullying can spread to others easily. Friends who watch other bullies may think it’s right, and they may try to fit in and do some of the same things.

Finally, we strongly feel like students need to be taught how to stop bullying. Here are just a few strategies we have learned:

1. Tell a trustworthy adult.

2. Ignore the bully and say, “Thanks for noticing.”

3. Get away from the person as fast you can.

4. Don’t be mean back.

Please talk with your kids about how they can stop bullying. If we can bring an end to bullying, the world will be a much better place!

Student’s in Tracy Fisher’s second-grade class at Pleasant Knoll Elementary School

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