We all make mistakes, but Christ will unburden you

May 7, 2013 

As I write this column, our church is in the midst of preparing for the Strawberry Festival.

This is our first year taking part in this event, although we have been in the community for over 34 years. I’ve heard the vendor turnout has greatly increased this year, and we hoped to spread the news about why we exist in Fort Mill.

A careful reading of Scripture will reveal why the church exists. We are to spread the Gospel and strengthen those that believe. We should mimic Christ, and by our lifestyle and fruits we should proclaim we are different. Do Christians make mistakes? You better believe it. We struggle with sin and battle our own emotions and flesh.

Yet in the mist of all of those things we should point the way toward the One who has come to make all things new.

The church is a refuge from the burdens of the world and a lighthouse to point others to safety. It should be a place for families to come and be encouraged to live in harmony. If you do not have a church home, seek out a place nearby that believes the Bible is the Word of God, and that all the answers to life can be found in its holy pages.

And for the Christian out there, don’t just go to church – be the church.

Jerry Boyce is the youth pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Fort Mill. He can be reached at jjboycejr@yahoo.com.

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