May 21, 2013 

Why don’t road repairs last?

I am confused as to why it seems that every road that has been worked on in Fort Mill has to be redone again and again?

Do our workers get paid by the hour and have no incentive to get it done right the first time? Is it normal to have the same road done again and again? Even the new bridge over Banks Road had to have cement work redone.

The new bridge across the Catawba River seems to have a lot of equipment sitting for long periods of time without any work being done. Kimbrell is another road where the work never seems to be complete. The most baffling of them all is Hensley and Hwy. 160, which at first was done without turning lanes – which any commuter who travels home that way could see were needed. Next, a sign that turning left during peak hours was prohibited would have and still would be helpful, at least until the work can be completed.

And lastly it needs to be completed in a timely manner because it is a major road for commuters.

The biggest issue remains that we need to have more accountability/oversight for the money and time that is spent on our roads requiring that work be done correctly the first time.

Michelle Ose

Fort Mill

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