We can’t afford new schools

May 21, 2013 

We can’t afford new schools

I voted against the $54 million school bond and take offense to the comment by Chuck Epps, “It’s like Christmas in April.” For the homeowners who have to pay for the bond, it’s more like “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”

The school board and the media spin the results so the general public believe there was overwhelming support for the bond which is not true. Less than 3,300 people voted for the bond and although that may have been 81.9 percent of the people who actually voted that day, it represents a very small percentage of the overall voters in Fort Mill so to tout the vote was overwhelming is incorrect. The majority of the individuals who voted for the bond are the teachers, school employees and their friends and families.

Eliminate the voters who are associated with the schools and I feel sure the bond would not have passed. In addition, besides our property tax increasing I’m sure no one mentioned to the public that our vehicle taxes will probably increase.

The schools of today are nicer than most of the homes owned by the taxpayers who pay for the schools. I hate the fact that I’m helping to pay 1.8 million on turf for the stadiums when I can’t afford sod for my own yard. S.C. should standardize plans for elementary, middle and high schools and would only vary depending on enrollment. Architects should only be hired to modify the structural drawings if the terrane of the land prohibits them from building the standard plans.

Across the state all new or renovated schools should choose from a list of standard building products where the pricing has been negotiated and the vendors selected. The school can mix and match any of the standard building products to make their school different from another. If the state and the schools implemented a few common purchasing practices it would eliminate the need for any bonds.

Denise Ferut

Fort Mill

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