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Here’s why Indian Land needs to become its own city

May 24, 2013 

Melvin Threatt

During the past few years something important has been happening to the Indian Land area – uncontrolled growth!


The Lancaster County Council wants growth, but at the expense of Indian Land. The past county council and the one before it, and now the present council have not taken care of Indian Land. Indian Land is the tax cash cow for Lancaster County. CN2 stated last week that 70 percent of the growth in Lancaster County has taken place in Indian Land. What has the county done for Indian Land since we are fueling almost all the growth?

It is time for Indian Land to become a city. You be the judge:

•  During the past number of years the county council has not controlled growth and traffic in the Indian Land area.

•  Until this year, six of the seven county council members are from the southern part of Lancaster County. When is the last time you saw a county council member who didn’t live in Indian Land speak at a function in Indian Land?

•  B-3 Zoning in Indian Land has not been resolved by the county council in more than two years, and it may be another year before anything is done

•  For most developments in Lancaster County the developer must pay the county at least a $5,000 roof top fee per house. This money goes into the general fund and Indian Land doesn’t receive this money; even though 70 percent of the growth is here in Indian Land

•  Indian Land now has six gasoline stations within 4 miles of the state line, with two more opening. Quik Trip station at Marvin Road will have 24 pumps! This intersection will be the worst in Lancaster County. We will be known as the gas station capital of South Carolina

•  In the Hwy. 521/Hwy. 9 Corridor study ($350,000 paid by the state) was presented to the county council three years ago, and they have done nothing to implement the suggested ideas.

Do you want the county to continue this out of control growth or should Indian land make the decisions?

What happens when Indian Land becomes a city?

•  We will have our own planning department to control growth

•  The two fire districts will continue servicing the Indian land area

•  The sheriff’s department will continue to police the Indian land area

•  No change in the Indian Land school districts

•  Indian land will become the 17 largest city in South Carolina

•  We have more than 170 business in Indian Land and we can charge a Business License Fee like most cities and towns

Those are just some of the reasons why this makes sense.

Indian Land is going to become a city with the residents’ help. We can control our own destiny. The Indian Land Voice is asking the voting residents to sign a petition that will allow a vote to be placed on a ballot. The petition requires 15 percent of the voters in the two fire districts to sign it. That means we need about 2,500 voters to sign the petition to get the question on the ballot.

During the next few months there will be sign up places that will be announced in the newspaper where voters can sign the petition. If you are interested in your taxes, lifestyle, and property values; sign the petition. If you are concerned about where you live and its future, please sign the petition for a vote in Indian Land about becoming a city.

If you can’t find a petition to sign, email me and I or someone else will come to your house.

Do you want the county to make decisions for you about your lifestyle, or do you want to make that choice?

Do not wait until a problem is in your back yard to take action! It already is!

Melvin Threatt is president of Indian Land Voice. He can be reached at melvinthreatt@comporium.net.

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