It’s your planet - love it!

May 28, 2013 

Learn about the Warbler

We are Daisies in Girl Scout Troop 1564 in Fort Mill, and we are trying to help save the endangered Bachman’s Warbler as part of our Between Earth and Sky: It’s Your Planet – Love It! Journey project. Our goal is to raise awareness about this bird and help prevent it from becoming extinct.

The Bachman’s Warbler may live in South Carolina’s bottomland swamps and forests, but they haven’t been sighted in many years. We hope they aren’t already extinct, and just in case they aren’t, we want our community to know more about them and join us in our effort to help save them.

We can protect them and other birds and animals that live in our swamps and forests by not draining swamps and by not cutting down forests. We also can help by planting more trees and restoring swamps so they will have more places to live and raise their offspring.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and join our cause.

Kyleen Bents, Avery Causey, Sadie Commerford, Caroline Cook, Sophia Depaoli, Sofia Focacci, Kendall Guinn, Claire Hivner, Kayla Mancini, Amaya Neal, KiKi Strandberg, and Katie Thomas.

Girl Scout Troop 1564

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