It’s a conspiracy

May 30, 2013 

I had an interesting conversation with an adamant believer in Bigfoot. When I asked how it was possible to have so many sightings of the hairy guy and yet no proof in the form of a body, droppings or living quarters, I got the standard response – It is a conspiracy.

Supposedly the government knows Bigfoot exists and is keeping his file stashed away in the Confidential cabinet next to the dossiers on the alien and his UFO in Area 51, the orchestration of 9/11, the staged Apollo 11 Moon landing, and the newest additions (and possibly the most disturbing), the attacks at Newtown, Conn., and the bombings in Boston.

The conspiracy theory people will have us suspend all disbelief of what we have held as truths for years, which is ironic because they now prefer to be called “truthers.” Little factoids become their lynchpins to scream that there is a coverup. Ask why Bigfoot has left no traces behind and they will point to thousands of marine species that have yet to be discovered. It’s a valid point, but then again I’m not claiming that Nemo is peering in my bedroom window.

It isn’t like Sasquatch is only rumored to live in the remote – you have yahoos claiming they’ve seen him rummaging through their garbage. Yet these huge beings disappear into the mist forever unseen.

Facts be damned, there are other beliefs we must suspend. The idea that government workers are somewhat incompetent folks completely goes out the window. To pull off such cover-ups, not only do they have to be geniuses, they have to have powers we can’t fathom. Perhaps they really do have the mind-erasing wands featured in the “Men in Black” movies. Come to think of it, maybe the movies are a conspiracy to throw us off the scent! “Capricorn One” showed us that the Moon landing was faked and some people still believe it actually happened.We can laugh at the Bigfoot and Moon landing situations, but a more disturbing trend is this belief that the government is behind the latest tragedies. There are thousands of people who think the U.S. was behind the Sept. 11, 2011, attacks. They make wild claims that range from the towers blowing up from within as the planes hit, to analyzing President Bush’s facial expressions when told of the news. Even worse, some people think the massacre of children in Newtown was either staged or that the government did it to enact stronger gun laws.

Now a growing contingent believes the government is behind the Boston bombings. I wonder what they believe the motivation was. That the government wants people to stop running so they will get fat and put money into the healthcare system?

People who claim there is compelling evidence regarding the Yeti and aliens are harmless in a kooky kind of way, but the ones yelling conspiracy about mass killings? They seem about as off kilter as they come. I’m thinking I’d much rather come across Bigfoot than a “truther” any day.

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