$1 a month can help wounded veterans

June 7, 2013 

Let’s all pitch in

As a World War II “lucky to be alive” vet, I remembered to honor my fallen comrades in arms this past Memorial Day. But I’m ashamed to say my comrades are now turning in their graves because of the mess the Office of Veterans Affairs has become.

I think it’s disgraceful to offer a T-shirt for $10 a month to care for wounded vets. Some find it a hardship, but I have a plan to include all Americans, rich or poor: Just a donation of $1 a month from every man, woman and especially child. The money coming from our 300,000,000 population would be used not only to help vets, but for victims of floods, fires, tornadoes, terrorists, whatever nature hands us.

This is not to be a “tax,” but all voluntary. We’d be doing it with dignity and pride – no T-shirts needed.


Alfred Boltin

Fort Mill

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