Regent Park area could get new apartment complex

dthackham@fortmilltimes.comJune 8, 2013 

— The York County Council cleared the way for the construction of a new apartment complex in the Regent park area.

Council approved third reading of a request by developer Earl Coulston to rezone 11.5 acres around Starlight Drive and Regent Parkway from planned development to business. Meanwhile, an outspoken Fort Mill resident who has been crusading for the demolition of the nearby tower built but never completed by Jim Bakker’s PTL Ministry, criticized Coulston and county council members for allowing the project to proceed.

The resident, Eric Kinsinger, said the decision to allow the complex to be built will increase traffic on an already busy road. He called Coulston’s plans “odd.”

“It’s a terrible intersection as it is,” Kinsinger said, “It’s overcrowded in the morning as the main cut through road to the Ballantyne [N.C.] area. Building an apartment complex just adds to more trouble in the area. It’s an odd location.”

County councilman Michael Johnson said at the first reading that the area is set up for the type of development Coulston wants to bring, noting that there were “houses everywhere you look.”

Starlight Drive is a private road owned by MorningStar Ministries, which also now owns the tower built by the PTL, but Kinsinger and other neighbors said they typically use the road as the most direct route to Sugar Creek Elementary School.

“Enough people have had their cars damaged,” Kinsinger said. “They’ll have to really start making complaints. The county can’t take control and no one wants to take responsibility.”

Coulston declined to comment.

Kinsinger, who spoke out against the Coulston’s rezoning request before first reading by the county council, said he feels like the developer’s plans are merely rubber-stamped by the county.

“[Coulston] seems to do whatever he wants and no one holds him to any standards,” Kinsinger said.

This is in my district,” Johnson said back in April. “I’ve been out to the site... there’s nothing industrial going in there and the neighbors would be more unhappy with something industrial than with this apartment complex.”

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