My Dad’s better than your Dad

June 14, 2013 

How could all those people in the greeting card aisle be interested in the same card as me? You know, the one that says, “Best Dad in the World.”

Something’s fishy about that. I thought I had the best dad in the world.

In fact, I know I do. My dad has a large collection of greeting cards, oddities and novelties that specifically state, “Best Dad in the World.” Isn’t that proof enough?

Not to mention the fact that he’s my dad. I mean, wouldn’t you say, “My dad is the best dad in the world.”

My mom said it to my sister. She said, “Debbie, my dad was the best dad in the world.”

To which my sister replied, “What? My dad’s the best dad in the world.”

“Your dad’s good, but mine was better,” my mom said jokingly. Mind you, she was talking about her husband of over 50 years and she knew that he was the best dad in the world to my sister and me.

This banter went on between my mom and my sister until finally, my sister said, “My dad’s better than your dad. C’mon, put up your dukes.”

To which my mom smartly replied, “Ha.” And that ended that.

Being that I knew my grandfather, I’m beginning to suspect that there could be more than one “Best Dad in the World.”

I bet the baby bluebirds in my yard think their dad is the best. Every morning, Mr. Bluebird appears at the hanging, dish feeder for the special of the day, mealworms. He gathers up as many worms as his skinny beak will hold. Then, he flies away home, where the babies are waiting with open beaks.

Why I bet there are extraterrestrial kids who think they’ve got the best dads. These alien dads probably have all kinds of advanced tech stuff, cook up food that’s out of this world and, seriously, who wouldn’t want to learn to navigate a spaceship?

I think I’m beginning to understand. The “Best Dad in the World” is in the eye of the beholder. There can be more than one. So, Happy Father’s Day to all the “Bests.”

And Happy Father’s Day to my dad, the “Best Dad in the World, the Universe, Infinity and beyond, Beyond.”

If only I could find a card that says that.

Karen Tomas is a resident of Fort Mill. Email her at

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