Baxter having trouble getting in the pool lately

mbanks@comporium.netJune 17, 2013 

— When they are swimming, they are winning – but it’s getting in the pool that has been hard.

The Baxter Barracudas have had two of their first three swim meets rained out, but they were able to get an easy win against Palisades 430-157 in the only one participated in last week.

Baxter will make up its meet with the Landing on June 26 and is working on trying to reschedule its meet with Tega Cay, which was rained out Thursday, for sometime later this month.

Against Palisades, Baxter won five of the eight relays. The Barracudas also had three swimmers – Jenna Pehowski, Noah Griffin and Dylan Roy – win three events each, and six swimmers won two events each.

Individuals winning for the Barracudas were:

Jenna Pehowski – girls’ 13-14 50-meter backstroke, 100-meter individual medley and 50-meter butterfly

Noah Griffin – boys’ 13-14 50-meter backstroke, 50-meter breaststroke and 50-meter butterfly

Dylan Roy – boys’ 11-12 100-meter individual medley, 50-meter breaststroke and 50-meter butterfly

Ben Sullivan – boys’ six and under 25-meter freestyle and 25-meter backstroke

Ansley Davis – girls’ 11-12 50-meter freestyle and 50-meter backstroke

Meg Wiggins – girls’ 15-18 50-meter freestyle and 100-meter individual medley

Franklin Westerkamp – boys’ 15-18 50-meter freestyle and 50-meter butterfly

Stephen Kim – boys’ 10 and under 100-meter individual medley and 25-meter breaststroke

Victoria Settle – girls’ 11-12 100-meter individual medley and 50-meter breaststroke

Kate Stajos – girls’ six and under 25-meter freestyle

Amanda Allen – girls’ 9-10 25-meter freestyle

Harrison Kendree – boys’ 11-12 50-meter freestyle

Corbett Davis – girls’ 13-14 50-meter freestyle

Banks Bullard – boys’ 13-14 50-meter freestyle

Sydney Musgrave – girls’ six and under 25-meter backstroke

Tate Adamek – boys’ 7-8 25-meter backstroke

Jack Stajos – boys’ 9-10 25-meter backstroke

Will Fey – boys’ 11-12 50-meter backstroke

Amanda Hall – girls’ 10 and under 100-meter individual medley

Alex Fenwick – boys’ 13-14 100-meter individual medley

Macie Settle – girls’ 7-8 25-meter breaststroke

Gabriel Van Sickle – boys’ 7-8 25-meter breaststroke

Elise Barradale – girls’ 9-10 25-meter breaststroke

Samantha Bowen – girls’ 13-14 50-meter breaststroke

Veronica Mobbs – girls’ 15-18 50-meter breaststroke

Rene Hillhouse – girls’ 9-10 25-meter butterfly

Shelby Anderson – girls’ 11-12 50-meter butterfly

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