Bullying is no laughing matter

June 18, 2013 

Ordinarily, I find Scott Cost a bit edgy and more or less sensible. His column “The world needs wedgies” was neither edgy nor sensible. It played the old-timey tune that sings that ‘kids will be kids,’ so you have to learn to handle bullies to grow up and get by.

Would that today’s life lessons were so easily confronted and conquered!

Wedgies, lunch money scared up by a pocket knife chained to the pants, getting stuffed in a locker: where has your mother hidden you for a very long time? Bullying today comes with guns and open knives, bloody fights over the make of a tennis shoe or the label on a dress, and if you’re an egghead instead of a brute, the computer has all the means to cut a kid’s soul to the quick.

Bullying is directly related to the rise of suicides among teens.

Many kids today come from neighborhoods and families with little identity and esteem. Poverty cannot be readily camouflaged, and the mix of ethnicities and races are too numerous to count. This is a complex, and often scary, world for kids, as well as adults, and to suggest that there is something OK about defending “traditional, nice” bullying is way off base and simply wrong.

Go back to being a bit edgy and more or less sensible.

Sam Roberson

Fort Mill

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