Happy Fourth of July!

July 2, 2013 

The Fourth of July is a special day, a day for you to show your American spirit.

My favorite thing to do on the Fourth is to go to the Charlotte Knights baseball game and watch the fireworks afterward. It’s the best show in town. Unfortunately, they play out of town this year, but I will be there on July 6, when they get back, to watch them play and see the fireworks as a second Fourth of July celebration.

We will have a cookout instead on the Fourth. It will be just a few friends, but this year, according to some publications, we will have to dig deeper into our wallets because the price of food has gone way up. According to the USDA, the cost of a home-cooked cheeseburger is $2.07 as of April – a 61 percent gain since 2000. Other food-at-home prices increased 41 percent during that same period.

If you will be serving sweets at your cookout, ice cream is still No. 1 on most people’s lists, and the experts say vanilla is the favorite flavor. In fact, George Washington spent $200 a year on vanilla ice cream, according to some sources.

If you host a cookout, remember that perishable food should be stored in ice-filled coolers and not left out for more than one hour when temperatures hit 90 degrees. A good way to halt bacterial growth in food is to use garlic, cilantro or coriander in your recipes. These spices contain compounds that kill bacteria more effectively than antibiotics.

Also, don’t be a mosquito magnet; skip floral perfumes and lotions with lactic acid because these odors are readily detected by mosquitoes, drawing them to you.

No matter what you do, remember the military who put themselves on the line every day to keep our country free.

God Bless America.

On another note:

If you have extra individual packets of powdered Gatorade drink mix, troops stationed in the Middle East and other hot areas would love to have them. Send yours to Operation Troop Appreciation c/o Monica Orluk,1219 Schweitzer Road, McKeesport, PA,15135. This organization will include them in the next shipment. Learn more at OperationTroopsAppreciation.org.

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