Freedom quickly fleeting

July 2, 2013 

Freedom is quickly fleeting

Liberal Democrats are thought of as being compassionate and caring until they get a chance to rip to shreds a successful person because of an unfortunate verbal comment said while under a stressful situation, such as being held up by a thug. Meanwhile, an apology has been made and ignored by these thoughtful people.

What I want to know is who, after 25 years, brought up this subject and why? Is this just a chance for the race baiters to excoriate a highly visible person to keep the race subject alive along with destroying a viable asset in our economy?

It is so difficult for me to understand why Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Sears and Penny’s have taken this racism stand against a 25-year-old accusation.

Is it fear of retribution? If we have come to this point than this country is doomed, which I believe is in progress big time!

What a coincidence that we are supposed to be celebrating freedom this week while instead it is quickly fleeting.

Patricia Armstrong

Fort Mill

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