NarroWay show a nostalgic treat

July 2, 2013 

NarroWay show a nostalgic treat

Saturday evening, June 15, my friend Adell and I attended the NarroWay production of “Not Just Another Love Story.” What a wonderful gift we gave ourselves!

Having grown up during the war years, I found it very nostalgic to see the actual films and listen to the music and songs of the era superbly performed by a very talented and dedicated cast. When we entered the theatre and I heard the ’40s music playing, I immediately thought of my late husband, Dick, who passed away last June and how much he loved that music.

Adell and I laughed and cried with America’s greatest generation as the story progressed through happiness, tragedy and sorrow, and we were both deeply moved by the stirring patriotic finale as both of our late husbands had served in the military. Being seated in the front row was an added bonus as two handsome gentlemen cast members asked us to jitterbug during the cool!!

Adell has been to NarroWay numerous times but this was only my second time, having seen “Wounded Warrior” earlier in the season. We always leave inspired and with an uplifted spirit. This play runs through Aug. 3. Anyone seeking fine Christian entertainment should get online and check it out. Time and money well spent.

God bless everyone involved and God bless Christian entertainment!!

Sandy Paul

Fort Mill

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