This Week In History

July 9, 2013 


• Lighting was the cause of a fire that destroyed a home in Olde Williamsburg in Fort Mill Township.

• The heat wave and drought continued with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees and no rain.

• Girls’ volleyball was added to Fort Mill Middle School athletics. Up to now, basketball and cheerleading were the only athletic options for girls.

• Gary Odell Atkins, a graduate of Fort Mill High School and a 14-year Navy man, was promoted to Chief Petty Officer.


• The firing of one of the cannons in Confederate Park on the Fourth of July was believed to be the first firing of either cannon in the park’s history.

• A delegation appeared before Fort Mill City Council protesting the demotion of Fort Mill Police Officer Jack McKinney from Sergeant to Patrolman.

• Fort Mill now had its own song. “The Centennial Song” was written by Patti Barron with music by Ann Cantrell Harris and sung by The Marshall Street Singers.

• The new monument in Unity Cemetery honoring Fort Mill servicemen who lost their lives in Korea and Vietnam was dedicated with an address by Retired Army General William C. Westmoreland.


• Fort Mill High School’s handsome new gymnasium was opened to the public for the first time. The first use of the gym was for public roller skating.

• Jasper R. Taylor, principal of Central School for the past year, resigned and accepted a position in the Jackson School in Lancaster County.


• Evangelistic services were being held at St. John’s Methodist Church with the Rev. J. F. Lupo delivering the sermons.

• W. D. Mossor of Parkersburg, WV was now the proprietor of the restaurant in the Jones building on Main Street.


• The Fourth of July passed very quietly in Fort Mill with all business houses and the local cotton mills being closed.

• A near ice famine in Fort Mill was averted when a railcar load of ice was delivered from Spencer, N.C. The local ice plant was inoperable due to a parts malfunction.

Compiled by Chip Heemsoth, a lifelong resident of Fort Mill.

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