Our roads can’t take more development

July 9, 2013 

This ‘small town’ is almost ‘gone’

Is it just me or is everyone in Fort Mill feeling the same way that I am about all the new developments going into plan for our small town? It seems that each week that I read the paper, there is another article about another company wanting to put in a new development.

We moved to this community because of the schools and the feel of small-town life. I see all of that slipping away each year we live here. Our roads are hard enough to get through with the traffic that we have, and if another 3,000-4,000 homes are built it will only get worse. With more homes comes more need for commercial store fronts and more roads. Before we know it, the small town is gone.

Our town has been featured in several magazines articles for being such a great community and I am afraid that if we keep cramming more housing on top of more housing we will lose all of the greatness we are able to enjoy.

I understand that the town is looking at revenue but at what expense to the town’s people?

Kim Harpst

Fort Mill

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