Who is running the country?

July 16, 2013 

Who is running the country?

I am a conservative who watches Fox News, supports the Tea Parties and the Republican Party, and I take exception to the rude letter from Mike Lavine who implies in his letter that he supported President Obama in two elections.

As a result of these elections we have a national debt of $16 trillion, a soon-to-be national healthcare system that will bring this country to its knees financially; plus good luck receiving quality healthcare. More benefits of these elections are that the president and his staff members take no responsibilities for the scandals that have been perpetrated. An Ambassador and three Seals are murdered, no response – the IRS is threatening citizens, no problem – the NSA is collecting data on citizens, ho hum! Will someone please tell me what the President and the Attorney General are responsible for?

Who is running the country? My guess it’s the Chicago mob that accompanied this regime into office. The warning we received five days before the 2008 election stating the plan “to fundamentally transform this country” has just about come to past and is heading this country towards being a Banana Republic. Thus massive amounts of freedom losses incur.

The present day Democratic party totally believes that government is better suited to run your lives, which in itself is an insult to your intelligence, but it all began in the 1930s when Roosevelt found that his “Depression Social Programs” resulted in “votes”, so it set the programs in perpetuity!

The Democratic party has brainwashed the intellectually deficient via the school and the media into the belief that “government knows best” which has resulted in a lack of integrity and motivation and loss of personal pride, it has encouraged sloth which reigns through out this nation.

I assume Mike Lavine must be happy with being dominated by his government, I am not. I was brought up to be a self sufficient, law abiding, God fearing, caring, generous, freedom loving citizen. I hope I have lived up to that charge. My heart breaks to think that 52 percent of our citizens prefer socialism.

Patty Armstrong

Fort Mill

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