Let the journey begin

July 23, 2013 

Editor’s note: This week, we introduce our newest Transplant Times columnist, William Winship.

Our relocation to Fort Mill South Carolina has been a kind of dream come true for our family. My wonderful wife, Cherie’, faithful dog Peeps and I moved here after years of waiting. Cherie’ and I have been married nine years and had been considering a move here the entire time.

Our interest in this area began in 2003 when we attended a marriage retreat in Asheville, N.C.

Cherie’ and I agreed that if we were going to have a successful marriage then we needed to “learn the ropes.” When we originally signed up, our idea of a marriage retreat was that someone would hand us the book “Marriage for Dummies” and all of our issues would be solved.

We remember waking up at the retreat center in Asheville and meeting the facilitator who was going to solve our problems, improve our intimacy and make our marriage hugely successful, all in three days. Much to our surprise, this relationship expert took us to a zip-line. We thought he was confused. We wanted him to give us the quick fix, but instead he taught us that we needed to trust each other, be a team and do the things for each other that would build a solid marital foundation.

Still in our honeymoon phase, we were over-idealistic, and his attempts to help us only frustrated and confused us. The concepts he taught seemed to be old-fashioned and just plain crazy. We could not figure out why this old guy from the Carolinas wanted us to risk our lives and live on the edge. With the passage of time we discovered that his wisdom regarding making a marriage work was what we really needed.

With that and other life-changing experiences behind us, combined with the natural beauty of the Carolinas and the gracious spirit of all those who call this part of the country home, we started planning just how and when we might make the transition.

Truth be told, we just fell in love with the Carolinas and we vowed one day to return here to live. With the passage of years we have learned much about marriage and life. Our sincere hope is that we can share some of our wisdom and experiences with others as we do whatever we can to contribute to the overall greatness of this area.

Cherie’ and I are convinced that a wonderful aspect of life is the chance to begin anew. As transplants, we hope to bring our passions, energies and gifts to the cumulative life-force of the greater Charlotte area and beyond. Many people live so long in a place that they forget what it is like to be the “new kid on the block.” But Cherie’ and I have moved several times and have traveled extensively, so we have an appreciation for what the “new kid” can offer in his or her new surroundings.

As transplants to Fort Mill, Cherie’, Peeps and I hope to meet and interview others new to the area and discover what gifts and passions they bring. . Hopefully, in this way, we can help others assimilate and more rapidly get to the place where they call Fort Mill “home.”

We are excited to share with you and learn from you as we put down deep roots in Fort Mill. Some day this column will belong to a newer transplant to our community, but until then please know that Cherie’ and I are available and would love to hear from you in the days ahead. May the spirit of hospitality and openness always prevail and be experienced by all the transplants in just the same way that Cherie’ and I have felt it.

So let the journey begin.

Reach William, Cherie’ and Peeps at william@portacle.com.

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