Gen X is to blame

July 24, 2013 

I’m 38 years old, and I guess I am part of Generation X. I come from a generation that really didn’t have to work for anything. I grew up in an area of Michigan where the majority went to college, then got a good job, moved to the ’burbs, had kids. And here we are.

My dad came home every night, watched the news and then my parents would discuss what was happening in the world. This is where my interest in current events started. Having the news on in the background was soothing to me.

My favorite class in high school was Current Events. Our homework was to read the newspaper every morning before school. Then we would pick our favorite story and discuss it with the class. I think every high school should offer a class like this.

Today I am surrounded by a whole generation that just doesn’t care about anything that is happening in the world. When I hang out with people my age, current events are never discussed.

It used to be that we don’t talk about religion or politics. Now it’s don’t talk about religion, politics, the military, economy, debt crisis, loss of patriotism, illegal immigration, out-of-control spending, raising our kids in an entitlement world, living in a want society instead of a need society, Benghazi, Boston bombing, oil independence, taking over 12 years to build the Freedom Tower, Common Core, abortion, Obamacare, gun control, kids not learning real history in school and the breakdown of society.

It is insanity.

An actor from “Glee” who overdosed on drugs and alcohol gets more attention than our troops who are dying for our country. My generation cares about sports, reality TV, the entertainment world and how to best enjoy their free time.

I believe the breakdown in society is making our country a laughingstock to the rest of the world. There is no patriotism anymore. It’s Fourth of July, not Independence Day. Memorial Day and Labor Day are only about a day off of work and barbecues.

Christmas is all about Santa Claus and presents. Easter marks spring break.

An abortion clinic can murder hundreds of late-term babies, some of them even born alive, and no one blinks an eye. Our military and veterans are treated as third-class citizens when they should be treated like royalty.

Our country loves celebrities, that’s how Obama won. When 93 percent of the black population voted for him, you can’t say there is no racism. If over 90 percent of white Americans voted for Romney, the whole country would be in a tizzy.

Obama becoming president would be like me becoming CEO of Bank of America. I do not have any banking job experience, but it seems like a cool job.

Obama had no resume. No real job experience. Nobody cares that our government plays by a completely different set of rules than the private sector.

And they are failing at it and running our country in the process.

So, what I want to say is, “Wake up 20-, 30- and 40-year-olds. Start paying attention to what is happening to our country, in our country, in our homes and in the world.”

One day we all are going to wake up to a fallen country and we will all be scratching our heads thinking, how the heck did this happen? You can not afford to wait until you are 65 and retired to start paying attention.

It’s happening now! Start reading about it, watching it, and talking about it.

Shannon Brakstad

Fort Mill

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