Who is running the country?

July 24, 2013 

Who is running the country?

This is in response to the letter to the editor on July 17, written by Patty Armstrong.

This country is a democracy. It is run by elected officials voted into office by the majority. If you do not like the way the country is run, vote out your representatives in the next election cycle.

As for your response to a letter written by Mike Lavine, I noted several inaccurate statements that need correcting. It doesn’t matter what you believe, which party you support, which news sources you follow.

What does matter is that you get the facts straight before you start blaming others while venting your frustrations.

You stated that we have a national debt of $16 trillion due to the election of President Obama. In fact, a vast majority of that debt was incurred as a result of policies by both Republican and Democratic administrations before Obama took office.

The health care situation gets panned by the right-wing press, but actually it is a work in progress. Yes, change can be unsettling, and no one knows for sure how the Affordable Health Care Act will affect this country financially, but it is a attempt to provide coverage for the 30 million Americans who have no health care insurance and reduce the cost of health care for everyone.

If every American can get appropriate preventive care on a regular basis, and more routine illnesses treated in a doctor’s office, rather than the more expensive care in emergency rooms, we will all be better off.

The Libyan episode was unfortunate, but it was not merely a problem within the State Department. The CIA was also involved. The NSA collected data on citizens with the approval of House and Senate members of both parties, authorized behind closed doors. The President and Attorney General are responsible for keeping citizens safe and keeping the economy running. There is a price for that freedom and safety and the SEALS paid it with their lives.

If you think that this country is becoming a banana republic, go live in one. You will find a new appreciation for what you have here. I don’t see many people leaving the USA – on the contrary, we cannot seem to keep people from sneaking in.

Don’t be naive by thinking the Democratic Party is to blame for all the country’s woes. There is plenty of blame to be shared among the parties. The USA is the strongest country in the world and will continue to be so.

My heart breaks when I think of the 48 percent of our citizens who prefer to give tax breaks to the wealthy, without any trickle-down effects for the economy, and ignore the middle class and those even less fortunate.

Americans help Americans in need, not just the privileged few. Socialism is a misused word to describe America today. It is used by people who do not grasp the full meaning of the concept of democracy.

Michael Jedson

Fort Mill

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