Studying up on fashion is part of getting back to the books

dwalker@fortmilltimes.comJuly 31, 2013 


— As students prepare to go back to school, pencils and notebooks are irrelevant in the yearly flurry of back-to-school fashion.

Though I have been freed from locker quick-changes, hiding makeup in my book bag, and the ever-imposing “Dress Code,” millions of my younger peers will hit the mall in the next few weeks to look for school-approved styles. I took to Twitter and my iPhone to see what my former classmates at Fort Mill High School have planned for the halls.

“I’m going to change it up from last year and not wear the same outfits every day again,” said Samantha Teal, a rising sophomore. “I also want to be comfortable enough to actually wear my clothes to school.”

Variety and function come first, but brands do still matter in 2013.

“[I’ll be wearing] Vineyard Vines, hopefully,” said Bailey Blanchard, a rising senior.

Boys join in on the brand war, as rising junior Jeremy Roberts calls for “Polo Swag.”

“I want to see boys in Vineyard Vines and Guy Harvey,” said Nicole Gard, a rising sophomore.

“I just want to see boys look like they tried to look nice,” said Teal.

“If I could pick clothes for girls, I’d say schools should allow leggings, but it really doesn’t matter,” said rising sophomore Trent Schumpert.

Brands are a starting place for many students, around which they build a new personality.

“This year I’m trying to dress how I’ve always wanted to look; I was just too lazy before,” said rising senior Hanna Thompson. “I want to look more grunge. I’ll be wearing a lot of flannels and sneakers. I really want Chuck Taylors.”

As the weather cools, dress code becomes less of an issue, but for now girls will stick to styles that at least appear to meet requirements. Boys will have to be careful, too, with the Chubbies trend of short-shorts for men.

“You don’t have to break dress code to look cute. There are cute ways you can dress up an outfit and still be appropriate,” said rising senior Erica Beachum. “I just don’t want to look ugly.”

A bottom line for all of you back-to-school reinventors out there, don’t stress too much over any one aspect of you clothing. While some look for brand, others look for aura, and others still just want to avoid questioning stares in the hallway.

Style in high school, though Disney Channel makes it seem important, is truly different for everyone, and we’ve all worried about it at some point.

This is coming from a girl who wore her father’s 20-year-old T-shirts one year, and skirts everyday the next.

If you dress for what matters to you, you will be fine. A warning to Nation Ford students though: the lace trend will, and I mean definitely will, win you a dress code write-up, so opaque shirts are definitely for you.

Dylan Walker, a 2013 graduate of Fort Mill High School, is a Fort Mill Times intern who will begin her freshman year at the University of Alabama in several weeks.

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