Where are the jobs?

August 6, 2013 

Traditional jobs for teens gone

Being unemployed is where you’re jobless and your mom and dad wake you up early in the morning saying, “It’s time to go look for a job.” But what is there for an 18-year-old fresh from high school graduation?

Really, what is out there?

Some of you may be saying we could work at McDonald’s and other fast-food places and supermarkets, but what is there really in a small town like Lancaster, where the population is less than 9,000 people? Many of our jobs were sent overseas, leaving the unemployed to work in fast food restaurants or go back to school. That means many us are unable to get a job because our grandparents, mothers and fathers took those jobs.

There is no way to get jobs unless we travel to another state! And after you pay for gas and pay bills, what is left? So my question to South Carolina is, why are more businesses not in small towns like Lancaster? Why have so many shops closed, and why have jobs at Kmart and Springs and others gone away?

Hayden J. Parker


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