Ok, let’s cel-e-brate!

August 12, 2013 

August is jam packed with crazy, zany celebrations.

Just last week, there were “Sea Serpent Day,” “Wiggle Your Toes Day” and Clay Tomas’s birthday (we celebrated that on the 5th!)

And yes, I did wiggle my toes on the 6th. But sadly, I didn’t have a sea serpent to party with on the 7th. I said it was zany, right?

August is host to the Twins Festival, the Bratwurst Festival and the National Polka Festival, to name a few. Yes, summer may be winding down, but there are still 17 days of fun to be had.

Have you crossed off all those items on your summer “To Do” list – summer reading, travel, projects, vacations and relaxation? If you answered “NO!” then tomorrow is your lucky day. It’s “National Failures Day” AND “National Relaxation Day.” One day that you can fail to remember all the stuff you failed to finish AND you can guiltlessly lay around like a lazy sloth.

Trust me, that’s lazy. Sloths are known to sleep for 15 hours a day.

It’s too bad that yesterday was “Blame Someone Else Day.” I’d like to blame the sloths for my laziness. Or my husband for the extra pizza pounds. Or the rain for my unfinished summer “To Do” list.

My mom and dad don’t need a special day to blame someone else. Every day, my mom blames my dad for moving her stuff and my dad blames my mom for moving his stuff. But my dad says, “When there’s only two people in the house, never take the blame.” And my mom’s response… “You got that right.” So if no one takes the blame… who’s to blame?

At least you don’t have to worry about blaming yourself or anyone else if you eat too many creamsicles today. It’s “National Creamsicle Day.” So have at it!

I’m not a creamsicle person. I’m holding out for “National Spumoni Day” on Aug. 21. My husband can’t wait for Aug. 25, National Banana Split Day. Did you know the banana split was invented in 1904 in Latrobe, Pa.? I’m from Pennsylvania. I should’ve known that. Hey, who can I blame that on?

I’m going to have to remember Aug. 13 next year – it’s “Blame Someone Else Day,” the one day you can officially blame someone else for anything and everything. Except you can never, ever, ever, blame your sea serpent for stepping on your toes at the National Polka Festival.

Karen Tomas is a resident of Fort Mill. Email her at brainflurries@aol.com.

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