For the love of money

August 28, 2013 

My 11-year-old grandson loves money! If you ask him what he wants for his birthday or Christmas, it is always the same answer: money. This summer he worked at our house doing miscellaneous jobs, and as soon as he was paid he would ask his mom if she would take him to the bank so he could deposit his money.

Last weekend one of his friends dared him to shave his eyebrows off for $5 each. Not realizing the repercussions of this move he said, "Sure."

First of all, he had to do a lot of explaining to do at school about why he had no eyebrows. Then he had to deal with me. I took my mother's stance.

"If someone told you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it?"

Did you know your eyebrows are like gutters? They help you keep trash out of your eyes. They also are a great means of communication. Now how am I going to know if he is gloomy, surprised or whatever?

His sister gave him the most hassle. Embarrassed for him, she told him that she could use a little eyeliner and fix him right up.

“No way, “ he said. “I am not wearing any girly stuff on my eyes.”

He finally got tired of hearing her so he took some card stock and made eyebrows with polka dots and taped them on. They are still rolling their eyes at each other.

As I was driving home from their house I thought about the time my brother told me I could fly. He helped me onto the garage roof, handed me an open umbrella and told me to jump. Of course, I jumped before he could get off the roof to break my fall. After I laid there for a while thinking I had died, I started yelling for my mother. She ran out of the house, brought me in and proceeded to bandage me up from head to toe.

I remember my mother yelling that Brooklyn Bridge theory to me just like it was yesterday.

So, my grandson wants to be Bill Gates and that is not a bad thing, Gates, one of the richest men in the world, gave over $78 billion dollars to charity and he is still giving. Maybe some day that will be him.

The best career advice to give the young is to find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.

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