Top tips for transplants to and from Fort Mill

September 3, 2013 

Last month was my first Transplant Times column for the Fort Mill Times. It is a privilege and joy to be the guest columnist at this time, and I feel honored to have this opportunity to make a small contribution to the Fort Mill community.

Cherie’ and I remember the first day we moved into our new residence. After an exhausting move we received a contact on our Facebook page from someone who lives in our neighborhood. What a pleasant surprise!

When you leave a familiar place and move to another location there are a series of challenges that exist. Some of those challenges are immediate, and others you have more time to confront. A physical move can sometimes be overwhelming, filled with both fear and a sense of adventure.

Secretly, we were a little scared and not sure that the move we made was wise. However, the risk of leaving a familiar place and moving into an uncertain future was made easier by our Facebook acquaintance and new friend Wendy, who came to our house with the gift of a warm meal. This act of generosity brought us to tears because it was more than just a warm meal. It was an early confirmation to us that we had made a good choice in a new location.

From a professional perspective we had been somewhat anxious that leaving our established client base in Kentucky and reestablishing ourselves in South Carolina would be too great a risk. But, much to our surprise, we have gained even more business from Kentucky since the move and we continue to experience growth here in the Charlotte/Fort Mill community. We are more excited than ever about the future success of our businesses.

What we want to communicate this month is that the fear of moving might prevent someone from stepping out and making the move, and that is understandable. But now, after living and working in the Fort Mill area for seven months, we can confirm that our experience has bolstered our confidence and made us thankful that we chose to settle in such an accepting and affirming community.

We are proud to now call Fort Mill home.

Here are some helpful suggestions when you are transplanting: • Breathe

• Communicate

• Take short breaks from the grind of the move

• Give yourself permission to not unpack immediately

• Let the new location be a place of adventure

• Get involved; get to know your neighbors

• Hire professional movers. They can ease your burden

Suggestions when you are welcoming transplants into your community:

• Be hospitable

• Offer a listening ear

• Bring cookies or pie (Highly recommended!)

• Bring a newcomer’s packet from the local Chamber of Commerce with area maps, lists of essential services, community activities, etc.

• Offer to help with some of the physical aspects of moving: unpacking, yard work, moving furniture around, etc.

In a brief amount of time we have begun to call Fort Mill home and we are proud to do so. Thank you to everyone of you who on a daily basis make this community the unique and special place that it is! Our sincere hope is that we can join all of you in doing the same.

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