A little kindness can go a long way

September 10, 2013 

Indian Land High School, with the help of Beverly Schroth, has launched “Rachel’s Challenge.”

Although the school year has just begun, a “Friends of Rachel” club has been formed with nearly 100 students who are ready to make an impact at Indian Land High School and create a more caring culture among their peers. The club meets every Thursday and brainstorms about projects and small acts of kindness to make everyone feel a valuable part of the school.

The first act of kindness involved the students putting Post-it notes on every locker in the school with compliments and pick-me-ups that the students found when they arrived at school the next day. It was a great success.

Each week they have themed days: On “Mix it up Monday,” the club members and other students choose to sit with new people at lunch and make new friends; On “Twitter Tuesday,” students of the club target members of the school to send them kind messages. “What’s up Wednesdays” encourage students to greet each other with a “What’s up” in the hallway to encourage kind conversation.

On “Thankful Thursdays,” students are encouraged to thank their teachers, cafeteria workers, custodians, administrative staff, bus drivers and each other for all of their hard work to make ILHS a great place to work and learn. And on “High-Five Fridays,” students greet one another with high fives and spread a little happiness.

The next project will be year-long and will include students recognizing one another for their acts of kindness. For September they will be showing appreciation for the custodians. The students will serve them breakfast and dinner as well as give them thank-you cards, posters expressing appreciation, and help make their jobs easier by chipping in to keep the school clean.

It doesn’t take much to touch a life and even turn it around, so don’t underestimate the kindness you sprinkle through each day. Kindness can heal hearts and make new dreams grow! You can change the world with one smile and an act of kindness.

Try it!

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