This Week In History

September 10, 2013 


• Fort Mill defeated Indian Land 33-8 in each team’s second game of the season. Tommie Watts and Omar Wilson led the Jackets.

• Mike Helms, Fort Mill’s “Big E,” was cast for a role in a four-part TV movie called “Bandit.”

• Emergency 911 service became available for Lancaster County residents, including those in Indian Land.

• Water and sewer bills for Fort Mill residents were expected to remain the same for the coming 12 months.


• Miss Becky Nesbitt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Nesbitt, had a dual role in “Guys and Dolls,” which was playing at the Pineville Dinner Theatre.

• Fort Mill school officials were elated over the low bid of 5.1748 percent interest on bonds to finance the new elementary school.

• Fort Mill approved the request of Fort Mill Shriners for a parade to be held in Fort Mill later in the month. The parade was to be sponsored by Shriners of York County.

• Presidents of Fort Mill’s individual PTAs were Maisie Bagwell, Gene Ballard, Pat Connor, Rebie Ferrell and Roy Lee.


• Pfc. Jesse L. “Buddy” Long was back home in Fort Mill after being held in a Communist POW camp in North Korea for 28 months.

• Gene Culp, 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hazel Culp, was recovering from a copperhead bite received while playing in a yard on Springs Street.


• Reed Brothers of Rock Hill, who had conducted a grocery here for several months, closed the store and moved the stock to Clover.

• Major F. M. Mack, superintendent of the Fort Mill schools, said that by Thanksgiving school attendance would reach 750 students, the highest in the history of the district.


• Bob Alley was detected by Officer Coltharp in the act of delivering a pint of whiskey to another man near the Fort Mill Manufacturing Company. Alley was now serving 60 days on the chain gang.

• Fort Mill was to have a new physician in the person of Dr. A. T. Neely of Old Point, this county.

Compiled by Chip Heemsoth, a lifelong resident of Fort Mill.

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