Bomb threat called into Cracker Barrel

September 12, 2013 

— A bomb threat was called in at the Cracker Barrel on Carowinds Boulevard, according to a York County Sherriff’s Office report.

On Tuesday at around 1:55 p.m. someone called and said they had placed a bomb inside the restaurant and wanted all the money inside placed in a plastic bag and left in a corner of the parking lot.

The report said the suspect claimed to have scanners and monitors inside the restaurant so that he could detonate the bomb if anyone called 911. The managers said the caller sounded “like a male, possibly older and a had a country accent,” according to the report.

All of the employees and customers were evacuated by the time the police arrived on the scene roughly 20 minutes after the call was placed. After a thorough search of the Cracker Barrel, no suspicious items were found.

The business has no caller ID and does not know which number the caller used, even though he called the restaurant twice, according to the report.

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