Healing horses and humans

September 17, 2013 

I have written about Katie Holme and her amazing work rescuing horses. She has now branched out to heal humans with her rescued horses.

As a British nurse, she trained for six years, including two years of psychiatry. She has been a lifelong student of horses and started riding when she was 10 years old. Her nursing skills enabled her to travel around the world to places like Africa, Israel and Germany, where she gained incredible experience and expertise.

Her nursing career ended abruptly in the United States following an attack that left her with severe post traumatic stress disorder. Her journey through the horror of this disorder was made with her rescued horse “Chief,” which she rescued 20 years ago. She has since made a complete recovery.

Holme decided to make her life’s mission “to pay it forward” and help others suffering. She has 15 horses that she rescued and rehabilitated. They now help her with her work.

A 93-year-old gentleman, a veteran of World War II suffering with some unresolved emotional issues from being a prisoner of war, was helped by a horse named Mr. Snuggles. The gentleman is now writing his autobiography. Another veteran recently back from Afghanistan with PTSD has found peace and balance through the horses. He has now started his own Healing Horses therapy center near his naval base for his Navy buddies.

A beautiful young lady who recently joined the group following the death of her baby girl has adopted three horses and is looking forward to a much brighter future.

Healing Horses therapy sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual and they welcome all ages. This therapy helps people heal from many emotional and physical traumas such as post traumatic stress, anxiety and depression, grief, eating disorders and addiction. All therapy sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the individual. There is no riding of the horses; Instead it is about connection on the ground and working in a beautiful peaceful environment with Mother Nature and the horses. All therapy sessions are conducted by one skilled equine facilitator and are private and confidential.

Holme’s desire is to spread the word to everyone about the incredible healing potential of the horses and to help alleviate the suffering of humans through Healing Horses.

For more information call Holme at 803-804-0544 or e-mail info@healinghorses.us.

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