Police briefs, Sept. 25

September 23, 2013 

Suspicious person knocks on door

A resident on Montmorenci Crossing in Fort Mill called Fort Mill Police on Sept. 13 to complain about a suspicious person who came to her door, according to a report.

The resident said someone was banging on her door and when she answered, she saw a young man who said he was looking for a particular family nearby and then later asked her if she was ill. The resident told police it seemed as if the man was trying to peer into her home. Later, she noticed several other people in a car parked outside her home.

Another person outside the home was able to note the car’s license plate number and police learned the car, a Camaro, was stolen from a rental agency.

Police are investigating.

Cars burglarized

Several resident on Fairntosh Lane reported that their cars had been burglarized. In all the complaints, the car owners told police they had left their vehicles unlocked, according to the report.

In some cases, no items were taken from the cars, but items appeared as if they had touched and moved around. There were reports about property being removed from cars on the block as well, including golf equipment, a Steelers jacket and a pair of sunglasses.

Home burglarized

A resident of Horton Grove Road told police that someone burglarized her home on Sept. 11 while she was taking a shower.

In addition to a credit card being stolen, the resident told police that other valuables, including a Kindle Fire tablet, were taken from the home. The thief made two purchases with the credit card before the homeowner was able to report it stolen.

Compiled by Michael Harrison

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