We love a good festival

October 9, 2013 

Who would have thought when the Indian Land Fall Festival began eight years ago at the Indian Land Middle School it would have grown so much it had to move to the much-larger City of Lights a few years ago? The festival has become even bigger and better ever since.

At the latest festival, the outside air was enticingly fragrant with barbecue and lots of other sizzling goodies, and I knew it was going to be a good day.

Lots of hustle and bustle finding your spot and setting up. A good time to get together and have a little friendly conversation with our neighboring vendors. We also had some time to eat a few doughnuts to keep us going – all this before it started. Indian Land Action Council has maintained a booth for the last eight years at the festival so it has become easier to get cranked up.

This year there were more vendors over 50 in just the A and B sections. The car show was better than ever and the chili cook-off got a lot of attention. They had much more for the kids to do, laser tag, a bouncing area, Indian Land Middle School’s display of some of their technical equipment they are working with this year, and so many other things. It’s incredible to see how much it has grown from just eight years ago.

We talked to so many friends and met a lot of new people, especially from Sun City. They always have so much to offer and are very supportive of Indian Land.

The one concern I had was the smell of the delicious food. We were right across from a booth that was grilling steak, another booth frying pickles with a family recipe and one grilling the classic hot dog. The aroma to me was like fine perfume and that continued all day.

Oh my!

Of course we all had to try everything, I was in paradise.

A great big thank you to the Rotary Club, which sponsors this and donates the proceeds to Indian Land. I am looking forward to next year – it can only get bigger and better.

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