P@nthers Tweets 10.13.13

October 12, 2013 

The top tweets by and about the Carolina Panthers this week.


Let’s get better tweeps headed n to break down da film

@HIT_STIQ4 (Mario Addison)

“I can’t give you the recipe to success ... but I can assure you that trying to please everybody is the recipe to failure.”


Looking forward to watching my boy @jonbeason play tonight!

@MJWhite_23 (Melvin White)

Prayers go out to @AdrianPeterson and his fam...


“@kswift_RN being in charlotte are you excited about the return of the hornets?” Absolutely. Glad the name is back in its rightful place


The dilemma with the Carolina Panthers offense isn’t Cam Newton – it’s everyone but Cam Newton.


Season best team pressure per snap: Texans, Chiefs, Seahawks, Panthers, Ravens. Worst: Bears, Giants, Packers, Vikings, Eagles.


Vikings four games decided by average margin of 5.5 points. Panthers under coach Ron Rivera are 2-14 in games decided by 7 points or less.

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