Mulvaney is wrong about the debt ceiling

October 21, 2013 

Mulvaney wrong on debt ceiling

I question Congressman Mulvaney’s recent column. His assertion that the debt ceiling is not dire is ludicrous. His logic is that it would be fine just to pay interest and principal on the debt even if the debt limit is not raised.

Terrific. So he and his fellow congressman SHUTDOWN our government. I said “ Our government.” Their intelligent move cost you and I and the rest of us taxpayers $24 billion. Yes, I said BILLION dollars and 900,000 jobs!

The group of a few amateur congressman at governing and one Texas senator who should go back to Harvard and listen and absorb the available thoughts offered are irresponsible.

We elect Congress, Senate and President to govern, not obstruct. We are one nation of the people, governed by all the people working together to benefit us all and move forward to attain greatness.

Wake up. Examine the real documented numbers. We have reduced the deficit since 2008.

We have been occupying Iraq for 10 years and didn’t raise a dime to pay for it yet we put our 1 percent, the great United States military in harm’s way with multiple deployments while Mulvaney’s 1 percent continues to enrich only themselves

Wow! No ramifications to all of us in the good old USA or around the globe!

Jim Martineau

Fort Mill

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